Access to the Stadium for Disabled Fans

See below an an image of the stadium access points for disabled fans.


Disabled fans (wheelchair and ambulant) should enter the stadium via the following turnstiles:

Main Stand

Gate M2 which gives access to areas M1 to M4

Gate M3 which gives access to areas M6 to M9

South Stand

Gate S1 which gives access to all areas of the stand

West Stand

Gate W1 which gives access to areas W1 to W3

Gate W4 which gives access to areas W4 to W7

North Stand

Gate N3 which gives access to all areas of the stand

All stands are accessed from ground level to the seating and wheelchair spaces which are sited at the front row of all four stands.

The catering kiosks and disabled toilets are accessed from ground level at the rear of each stand.

There is a lift to the left hand side (as you enter) of the main reception area which will give access to the Corporate Hospitality suite.

All tables in the Corporate Hospitality suite are the required height for wheelchair users.

There is a section of the bar that is also dropped to the required height for wheelchair users.

The game can be viewed via windows from the Corporate Hospitality suite, alternatively there are two wheelcahir spaces to the back of the Main Stand which can be accessed from the same level as the Corporate Hospitality suite.

Please note that the designated pick-up/drop off points are either in Drums Avenue, or  the two lay-byes on Ferguslie Park Avenue.

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