Mural Design competition

Mural Design competition

The challenge of choosing winners of the SLO, Northbank & Marching On Groups' 'My First Match' kids mural competition is underway.

We received over 180 entries in total and hope to be in a position to contact two winners before 19th March as well as posting as many entries as possible on SLO social media after that.

The announcement of winners was intended to be before then but has been delayed due to the sheer volume of entries.

Many thanks to everyone who submitted a design, from individual entries, to school classes and kids groups. Also thanks to Stephen Gallacher of Street Stuff who helped promote the competition.

The above photo shows representatives from Supporter Liasion Officers, Northbank, Marching On, Street Stuff, St Mirren FC, and The St Mirren Charitable Foundation working their way through just some of the designs that were posted in.

Those sent electronically are currently going through a similar process.

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