12pm Quiz - Test your Saints knowledge!

We've got 10 questions to test your St Mirren knowledge (answers below).

1. Who scored St Mirren's first league goal of 2019/20?

2. Which lower league side did the St Mirren Colts beat in the third round of the Tunnock's Caramel Wafer Cup?

3. How many league matches have Saints won this season?

4. Stephen McGinn reached what St Mirren landmark this season?

5. Who captained Saints in the 1999/2000 season?

6. What side did we beat 8-0 on our way to winning the 99/00 First Division Title?

7. Which player scored a hat-trick in that 8-0 win?

8.  St Mirren win the 99/00 First Division title with a 3-0 win against who?

9. Who scored St Mirren's first goal in the then SPL in 2000? 

10.  St Mirren's first SPL win came against which team?


1. Ilkay Durmus (v Aberdeen)

2. Stirling Albion

3. Seven

4. 200 appearances

5. Tommy Turner

6. Clydebank

7. Barry Lavety

8. Raith Rovers

9. Ricky Gillies

10. Dundee