Supporter Liaison Officers Appointed

St Mirren are delighted to announce the appointment of John White and John Allison as our new Supporter Liaison Officers (SLO).

The role of the SLO at St Mirren Football Club is to:

* Improve the match day experience within a safe environment.

* Provide a forum and means of continual communication in both directions between the authorities, the club and the fans.

* Work on the basis that football is in the business of entertainment providing an enjoyable experience that encourages repeated attendance, thus providing job security for club employees.

* Establish a working relationship with the authorities, the club and the fans to provide a mutual understanding of each other’s expectations.

* Engage with all fan groups and individuals on a regular basis to establish positive future objectives of St Mirren Football Club.

If you wish to contact the SLOs please e-mail [email protected].