Chairman's Update

As we look forward to a hectic run in to the season's climax I thought it was a good time to give you all an update on goings on in and around the club.

On The Park
As we near the end of the third quarter of the season I think it is fair to say that we are all delighted with the position we find ourselves in. There is still a long way to go and there will doubtless be more twists and turns in the remaining games, but we have given ourselves a wonderful opportunity to achieve our goal of reclaiming our place in the Premiership.

This year's transfer window was a completely different prospect to last year. We were in a position of strength both financially and in terms of our position in the league. 

This allowed us to focus on bringing in the quality of player that we felt would be capable of matching both our short and long-term ambitions. This places us in a strong position going forward no matter where we end up next season. 

Family Champions
We have just been awarded the accolade of family champions for 2017. Given the ethos of the way we want to take the club forward this is a great reward for all the hard work that goes into organising and running our match days. 

It is a massive compliment to all the club staff, catering team, stewards & management and it is thoroughly deserved. 

We will not rest on our laurels though and through an initiative championed by our SLOs and our very own Paisley Panda, and with the financial support of the Fans Council and SMiSA membership we are looking at further enhancing the match day experience. 

Look out for additional match day activities aimed at encouraging families to both attend matches for the first time and of course come back again.

Buddievision is slowly growing into must watch viewing. We were conscious that the initial content was not as plentiful as it should have been due to the workload of our media department over the start-up period. But we have now employed a new member of staff to help increase the number of articles without diminishing the quality. 

We hope to steadily increase the viewing numbers as a result. Remember, however, that this is a platform aimed at YOU. If you have any ideas on things you would like to view, then feel free to contact the team by emailing [email protected]

You can sign up for Buddievision commitment free here for just £4.99 a month. 

Paisley 2021 Stadium 
I would like to add my own personal commiserations to all the people who put in so much of their time and enthusiasm into the Paisley 2021 City of Culture bid. 

I think they did everything they possibly could to try and submit a successful bid but unfortunately it wasn't to be. 

We look forward as a club to working with the council and building on all the good work that was done to raise people's awareness of all that Paisley has to offer. 

Teamwork off the Park
The Dundee United game over the festive period was a great example of where we are as a club right now. 

Due to the heavy overnight snowfall the game was a major doubt primarily due to the condition of the surrounding roads and pavements.

Without even being asked, a squad of supporters got together through social media and turned up to help clear the snow, and with the help of Malcolm's snow ploughs & gritting trucks the surrounding areas were cleared. 

It was an eye opener to both myself and I am sure to many volunteers how much was involved in clearing only a couple of inches from the pitch itself even with the help of undersoil heating. I would hate to be trying to clear off three or four inches!

The game went ahead and the turnout and support on the day was magnificent ensuring our biggest crowd in years. 

The team on the pitch did not disappoint us either turning in another match winning performance for a national TV audience. 

This truly was an example of how the fans can be the 12th man. 

Thank You! 
We now move into the business end of the season and I know you will be as excited as I am about the prospect of what that might bring. 

Your continued positive and vocal support of the team, both home and away, is a vital ingredient to the success we are currently enjoying, and is genuinely appreciated by everyone at the club. 

There were times last season when the whole stadium rung out with cries of "Come on Ye Saints". There will be times during the run-in that the team will need this vocal support again. I have no doubt we can count on you all providing the support when it is needed most. Thank you once again for all the efforts you make in following the team all over the country.

Hopefully we will all be rewarded in the best possible way as the season reaches its finale.

See you on Saturday!

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