SMiSA £2 quarterly spend

Statement from Gordon Scott on SMiSA £2 quarterly spend. 

"I have been placed in a very awkward position by the inclusion in the latest SMiSA £2 spend of the following:

Glenvale FC £1820.

This local Ferguslie Park based group is in its 50th Anniversary year, and have youth teams at every age group through to adult amateur level. Unfortunately they have a shortfall in their funding for this season due to receiving less than expected from other sources. They have asked SMiSA if we could help them with this which would enable them to offer free coaching to local four and five year olds. This would be consistent with SMiSA desires to get more local children involved with footballing activity, and to bring the Club and the community closer together. Sessions are held both at the St Mirren Dome (which brings some income into the Club) and at Ferguslie Sports Centre.

I explained to SMiSA that the club already provide these programmes through our Street Stuff and community programmes so they would effectively be funding a project that would impact on our existing classes. I also explained that if they put this option in then I would be forced to post this article and that in itself could jeopardise our relationship with Glenvale. Despite this they have decided to include it in the £2 spend anyway.

I have spoken with someone from Glenvale this morning and they fully understand the club's position. We have managed to build up a very good relationship with them over the last year which resulted in them playing their 50th anniversary game at our stadium and we want to continue to evolve that relationship.

I need to support the staff at this football club who I am constantly pushing to increase numbers at our community classes. I could easily sit back and rely on the SMiSA voting system to carry on as normal as I don’t think many St Mirren fans want their money spent on items that are not beneficial to our football club. However, I feel that I would not be giving our staff the support they deserve if I was to not make the clubs position clear on this.

As always it will be down to you as individuals to make your decision on how the money is spent but I felt I had to give you the clubs perspective on this occasion."