Travel Clubs - Celtic (23rd Jan)

Tomorrow evening (Wednesday 23rd January), St Mirren head along the M8 to Glasgow for a Ladbrokes Premiership match-up with Celtic at Celtic Park.

The info on Travel Clubs heading to Celtic Park for the match is as follows:

North End Travel Club

The bus to Parkhead will leave St James' Street at 6:45pm.

We are sharing a bus with the Chivas Club for this match.

There are limited seats available for non-members - please speak to Lawson at The Brewer's Tap for availability.

Chivas Travel Club

We are sharing a bus with the North End Club for this match.

The bus will leave the Court Bar at 6:45pm.

Non members tickets are on sale from the Court Bar.

Cockles Wilson Supporters Bus

We are sharing a bus with the Tile Bar for the game at Parkhead.

We will be leaving Central Way at 6:45pm.

If you would like to travel on the bus please contact Fraser Burns on Facebook or twitter.

Tile Bar Supporters Bus

The Tile Bar and the Bankhouse are sharing a bus for the trip to Celtic.

The bus will leave Central Way at 6:45pm.

Tile Bar members please note we will not be leaving from Abercorn Street.

Any spare tickets will be on sale from the Bankhouse only.