St Mirren Charitable Foundation thanks

St Mirren Football Club and the St Mirren Charitable Foundation would like to thank all of those who are playing their part in helping the community during these difficult times.

Firstly, we would like to thank all of our 'Saints of the Day', everyone who has kindly donated essential food and hygiene items and also those who have volunteered their time to support us and our partner organisation Star Project by delivering food parcels to vulnerable homes during this time.

We would like to give particular thanks to Gillian Robinson of Company Shop in Renfrew as she continues to go above and beyond and from week-to-week. Her support is invaluable. We also wish to mention Jim Goodwin & James Hunter for delivering food parcels and boosting morale this week.

Secondly, we wish to thank our new food partners Gary McGaw of Bianco E Nero & George Naismith of Abercorn Dairies who have come on board and agreed to provide 200 pints of milk, our most sought after essential item, per week for the next 10 weeks. It is unbelievably generous and everyone at Star Project and here at the Foundation applaud you, thank you.

Next we wish to thank every member of the community who has already donated and who continue to donate to our JustGiving page. These funds are essential to us as we navigate through this period of lockdown and reduced program delivery.

We would like to take time to thank the first team player who made a substantial donation directly to the Foundation and wishes to remain anonymous, we are humbled by your generosity.

To the St Mirren Disabled Supporters Association we give thanks for your kind donation and show of support, so thoughtful and greatly appreciated.

We also thank our dear friend Paul McGrath from Consilium Contracting Services for your kind donation and constant support.

Lastly a note of thanks to our amazing coaches for all of their care, time and never ending team spirit. They go above and beyond every day supporting Gayle Brannigan of the Foundation and the community. We are very fortunate to have them and every member of the team is truly valued.

Thank you to the Foundation's board, the board of St Mirren, Jim Goodwin, Kate Cooper and all the players for your constant encouragement, advice and unwavering support, what a team we have!

Take care of yourselves, stay home, stay safe and have a lovely weekend.