FFIT Testimonials

Football Fans in Training (FFIT) is returning for 2019-2020 here within the inspiring surroundings of the Simple Digital Arena.

FFIT runs for 13-weeks and differs to the normal "weight loss" programmes out there, offering advice and practical ways to make changes to your lifestyle and the best part....St Mirren fans can sign up now for free!

The main aims of the programme are to:

  • Feel better about yourself 
  • Become more active
  • Lose weight & tone up
  • Develop a healthier lifestyle
  • Get fit & have more energy
  • Improve your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing.

If you are a man or woman aged between 35-65 with a waist size of 38 inches or more, FFIT may be just the ticket to help you kick-off your new year with a new you and healthier lifestyle.

But don't take our word for it! Read some of the testimonials of those who have taken part in the programme... 


"I heard about the FFIT programme through an article in the Paisley Daily Express and thought it’d be ideal in helping me to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

"Throughout the 13 weeks the coaches at FFIT were always very supportive and helped everyone to meet their individual targets.

"As well as losing 10kg I am more active and would encourage anyone to consider taking part."


"I have just successfully completed the 12 week FFIT sponsored by SPFL Trust and held at The Simple Digital Arena.

"This was for older folk and dealt with diet, mental health, physical health and exercise.

"I was nervous about going but the staff, coaches and other participants were fantastic!

"I managed to lose over a stone but I have now got the incentive to keep going. So a huge thanks to the SPFL Trust, St Mirren and FFIT.

"If anyone is considering getting fit, this is the way to do it."


"I saw the first FFIT advert on the St Mirren Twitter feed but at the time thought that there was no way I wanted to expose myself to this type of class as I have always been very self-conscious of my weight and body shape.

"When the Summer advert came out I spoke to a couple of guys on the first class, Alan Cross and Gary Matthews, who gave me the confidence to apply.

"A lot of the course was common sense but I didn’t realise the importance of walking each day. Cutting down on Maltesers wasn’t going to make any difference unless there was a physical part to the course too.

"My lifestyle has changed and I now build my day around my walking/swimming instead of trying to fit these things in between watching Eastenders and Coronation St.

"My meals always have a salad or fresh vegetable content in them and my takeaways are now looked upon as a treat once per month.

"I lost over 18lbs in weight and four inches from my waist – total life changing measurements and this is only the start for me.

"The coaches were superb to me and the days when I had a wobble the were there to put an arm round me to help and other times I had to be told to get my finger out.

"I would highly recommend the FFIT course to anyone with any mental or physical health issues.

"My kids said they were proud of me – those words meant the world to me and that is what drives me on each day to keep the weight off and to stay active." 


"12 weeks and my life has changed – for the better. This is my journey....

"Just before the start of the summer, the club I love (St Mirren) contacted me about the latest round of Football Fans In Training (FFIT) programme that they were due to start.

"At first I hesitated, was it right for me; was I really out of shape? Would I be able to commit? Me, obese? Surely not!

"In my mind, I just had a wee pot belly like most men my age heading towards the half century and after all I could still last a hour game of fives (just)!

"However, a few emails/discussions later with Gayle and Kerrie of the St Mirren Community Trust and they had convinced me that this journey was right for me and if I gave it a go I would end up feeling better in my mind as well as seeing the benefits.

"Results over the period I dropped almost 10% of my body fat, put on 10% muscle, lost 10cm round my waist (yes the trouser belt had to get two new holes – you beauty!) and my BMI went down to overweight (phew!)

"On top of that I was able to come of blood pressure tablets all the added benefit of starting to look after your diet and exercise. I have stopped taking or reduced the intake of things that I knew were not good for me (fizzy drinks, sweets crisps, takeaways), whilst finding that now I am fitter. I no longer start to sweat or pant going up a few flights of stairs or running to catch the train.

"The group of women and men that took the journey at the same time were not only inspiring, encouraging and supportive at all the sessions and I for one would not have been able to pull through without all the additional support and banter.

"This is just the start for me. I am going to continue to make the right choices and the good work so I can reap the benefits for years to come.

"Thank you St Mirren FC Community Trust (Gayle, Kerrie, Lisa, Kimberley, Michael and Kieran) you have changed my mindset to the benefit of myself and my two girls who are now considering healthier choices on a daily basis.

"If anyone wishes to start new lifestyle journey with community support via your local football club look no further than the first class team at St Mirren FC Community Trust."


"I heard about the Football Fans in Training (FFIT) course through the clubs official media channels.

"It was refreshing to see that there was going to be a female only programme for the first time and that’s why I decided to apply.

"I wasn’t quite ready in January so when it was announced again I emailed in to ensure that I gave this opportunity a chance. It was important that I improve my physical wellbeing but I was hopeful it would also help my mental wellbeing too.

"The course is not simply following a diet or specific regime for 12 weeks but combines education and exercise in a bid to promote lifestyle change. A mixture of walking, circuits and encouragement to run around the stadium was all part of the weekly sessions.

"For the 12 weeks the course ran I had to battle my inner demons particularly with anxiety but the support of everyone in the group helped me get to the sessions and take in as much as I could.

"I really appreciate the supportive space to do this and all coaches are motivated and understanding, I look at myself as just at the start of a healthier lifestyle and the 12 weeks are up but I want to continue to lose weight, cut down on takeaways, get outside more and also be around people.

"For me I haven’t hit my weight loss targets yet but as I said it has given me the confidence and skills to battle through the barriers anxiety brings and every step I take now is another step forward.

"I’d recommend anyone sign up for the course, it isn’t about football so don’t worry if that isn’t your thing. All you need is the motivation to change and it will kickstart that for you."


"12 weeks of learning, laughing, keeping fit and having an amazing time with all of you!

"I can’t thank you all enough for all the kind words when my papa passed and all the messages of support the week I gained weight - I could have cried! 

"You really are all amazing good luck to you all with your fitness. Keep it up and I hope I’ll see some of you at boot camp when I’m back.

"It’s just nice to be around happy friendly faces as before this I didn’t get out much at all I lost my confidence big time and I’m slowly getting that back thanks to all of you.

"Coaches you are all outstanding! Keep up the good work!"


"I found out about course through social media. I seen on Twitter, and felt would be something of interest to help me.

"From attending the course, I gained a far better understanding of my lifestyle choices and better understanding of fitness and eating habits.

"I enjoyed the whole course and the banter during the course was very good. As all those of course also supported team, which was good as ice breaker for start of course

"I personally gained the following benefits - I lost a stone and six centimetres from waist line, which has me feeling better physically and mentally as have more positive image of myself. 

"All coaches had good understanding of course and were very good at keeping spirits up within team. Lisa, Michael, Kerrie, Kimberley and Kieran were all very good, and Gayle gave positive input on occasions attended.

"The paperwork provided was easy to understand and course content was explained well by all coaches. The coaches were all able to answer all questions asked of them and had a very good understanding of course content.

"Everyone was also very impressed with discussion with Stephen McGinn, who gave insight into eating habits of first team players.

"I would advise anyone thinking about this course to put themselves forward as this a was fun way to meet new people, who all supported each other, and also gain benefits like losing weight and gaining better understanding of nutrition & exercise."


"I heard about the FFIT programme through St Mirren Football Club.

"After 12 weeks of the programme I cannot praise it enough! I feel better both physically and mentally.

"The course appealed to me as it was about making positive life changes and incorporates exercise into every session.

"Not only did I lose a stone in weight and feel happier in myself, I met a wonderful group of friends who all still keep in touch.

"The coaches are supportive, fun and always keep you feeling positive whatever your goals are or your level of fitness.

"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this for anyone who wishes to lose weight, understand more about their health and make new friends."

FFIT is open to those who enjoy football and those who just want make positive changes to their physical & health & wellbeing. You do not need to be a supporter of St Mirren to take part in the course and more importantly you will make friends and have great fun!

To register your details for this FREE life improving course please email: [email protected] or call Gayle Brannigan on 0141-889-2558 ext 6124 before our closing date of Friday 20th September 2019.