Academy Standards


Standards and Expectations at St Mirren Academy

The Academy will (where it is reasonably possible): 

  • Provide a safe environment in which the player can develop without the fear of abuse. 
  • Provide medical screening, monitoring and advice.
  • Provide a programme of development that will challenge and enhance the technical, educational and social potential of the player.
  • Liaise with educational establishments where necessary and appropriate.
  • Support parents/guardians in their quest to promote academic and personal development.
  • Provide regular participation in football matches sanctioned by the SFA.
  • Provide qualified and monitored coaching.
  • Provide excellent examples of good behaviour.
  • Provide approved quality of facilities.
  • Provide training kit where appropriate.
  • Provide guidance and advice to assist the player and parents/guardians on the player’s progress.
  • Provide procedures for communicating and reporting to the player and parents/guardians on the player’s progress.
The Academy expects:

  • Each player to abide by the individual player’s code of conduct.
  • Parents to abide by the parental code of conduct.
  • Players to attend coaching sessions and matches regularly and punctually.
  • Players to give notice and reason for any absence.
  • Players to return kit when requested.
  • Players to produce a level of behaviour that is in accordance with the philosophy and ethos of St Mirren Football Club.
  • Parents to support players through praise for good work and refrain from pressurising and criticising lapses.
  • Players not to participate in schools football unless at primary school or by permission by St Mirren Football Club/SFA.
  • Players to have regular and punctual attendance at school.
  • Players to maintain a lifestyle that is appropriate to development, with regards to diet, nutrition, rest and relaxation.
  • Players not to approach or permit any approach from any other clubs during their registration, except with permission of St Mirren Football Club.
  • Players to report any concerns to the Youth Academy Manager or Child Welfare Officer.