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Travel Clubs - Dumbarton (13th Jan)

Tomorrow afternoon (Saturday 13th January) Saints make the trip over the Erskine Bridge to face Dumbarton in a Ladbrokes Championship match-up at the YOUR Radio 103FM Stadium.

The info on Travel Clubs heading to the YOUR Radio 103FM Stadium for tomorrow's match is as follows:

Cockles Wilson Supporters Bus

The bus for Dumbarton will leave at 2:00pm.

Bus tickets now available in The Bankhouse.

North End Travel Club

The bus to the Dumbarton game will leave The Sneddon at 2:00pm.

Bus tickets are on sale now in The Brewer's Tap, £5 each.

Chivas Travel Club

The bus for the Dumbarton game will leave from the Court Bar at 2:00pm.

Bus tickets are now on sale from the Court Bar.

Tile Bar Supporters Bus

The bus going to Dumbarton will leave Abercorn Street at 2:00pm.

Bus tickets are now available from the bar.


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