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David Clarkson: Progressing well

David Clarkson says he is progressing well and still harbours ambitions of a return to playing.

The forward suffered a freak training ground injury that saw him require surgery that would keep him from playing for up to a year. 

But since the injury in February, Clarkson has been producing opposition scouting reports for the Buddies while continuing coaching at Motherwell. 

He says that being busy with those other duties kept his mind off the injury and has given him an appreciation for other roles in football.

I don't think it was too difficult if I'm being honest," he told stmirren.com on the difficulty of suffering the injury at his age. 

"I've been in the game so long and I'm not the kind of person to get down about things or worry about things and let them get on top of me.

"I've been lucky enough to not have had any serious injuries before. It was unfortunate timing wise with the end of the season and my contract coming up, but I like to think I've done well in my career and I dealt with it fine. 

"I got my head down and have been working on a lot of stuff with St Mirren and the coaching I'm doing at Motherwell so I've been kept busy. I've got on with it and everyone has supported me. I'm 32 now but hopefully I can get back playing. 

"It's kept me involved in the football aspect as well and it's been a bit different. I've done the coaching for two years now and in terms of the report it's different because you're having to watch games, take notes down and concentrate. You're used to going to games and just watching it, you don't pay too much attention to it. 

"It's given me another insight into reading the game more and trying to focus more on it. It's been good, I've enjoyed it and the boys are doing well so I like to tell them that's been a good report from me."

Clarkson confessed his immediate future was uncertain in the aftermath of his injury.

But he was grateful that Saints kept him on to allow him to do his rehab, while providing opposition reports for the manager. 

That, he says, makes him still feel involved with team - something he was keen to be a part of.

It keeps me involved even though I'm not at the games as I still feel part of it because I've given a report on the opposition. 

"The biggest thing I wanted to do was get in at a club somewhere and thankfully St Mirren gave me that opportunity. I've said many a time how thankful I am because my contract was coming up and the gaffer and the club have looked after me.

"It's allowed me to come in every day with the boys and see the physio, do my rehab and feel a part of it. It's been normal apart from being in the gym every day. That's kept me involved, kept me sane and hopefully I can get back into playing at some point."

The forward was part of the St Mirren side that struggled for form at the beginning of last season and while he admits that last season's dressing room was good, there is a happier vibe this time around with the Buddies sitting atop the Ladbrokes Championship.

Obviously results at the start of last season never happened but it wasn't as if it wasn't a bad dressing room," he said. "You're never happy when you're bottom of the league but everybody got on well.

"It's the same this time. All the boys get on well, it's a good laugh and obviously everything is happier. It's always the same when you're winning and the spirits are high and that goes a long way."

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